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The new HQ for Storytellers.

Shotlist streamlines the creative process for photographers, producers, directors, agencies and brands. If you get paid to tell stories, this is the best place to begin.

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Shotlist + Moodboard

Visualize this.

For the first time ever, your shotlist and moodboard live together.

Use this powerful checklist to capture the exact shots you need, and nothing more.

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Shoot with 100% accuracy.

Shotlist performs like an assistant on set—so you can focus on capturing the action at hand. This ensures there will be no maybes, no reshoots and no missed shots.

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Deliver 100% transparency..png


Deliver 100% transparency.

Everything you do in Shotlist gets updated in real time, and real people do too. Your client, producer and team stay on the same page.


Pitch with 100% confidence.

Shotlist is ready to present when you are—so the next time you have a good idea, don’t waste it. Create a moodboard, invite collaborators, and share your progress as you go.

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Who You Are

Photographers. Directors. Producers. Social Creators.

Because your reputation is built on the stories you tell, we built a creative toolkit just for you.


Plan with Shotlist

Create a moodboard from your camera roll  —then sync this with your shotlist before you shoot.


Present with Shotlist

Need to pitch? We got you. Sharing a creative treatment in Shotlist is as

easy as one, two, three!


Produce with Shotlist

Great execution begins with a plan.

With Shotlist, everyone on set knows what they need to do next.

Focus on the details..png

Focus on the details.

Create detailed shotlists by syncing images from your moodboard to specific scenes. Add a note for required equipment and you’re ready to go.

Eliminate the paper trail.png

Eliminate the paper trail.

Say goodbye word documents covered in red ink, and make version history a thing of the past. Shotlist is single source of truth throughout your project timeline.

Designed for creatives, by creatives.

Shotlist has high expectations when it comes to providing an exceptional experience for our users.


Tell your next story with Shotlist.

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